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Yes. My wish is for Trump to step back (age!!) and bring his people together with the other wings of the party. For the GOPe to get some balls and come up with a PLAN rather than just being against the Ds. For everyone to speak out against the tyranny of the last two+ years. So much to ask, though.

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Yes. Yes. All of this. Yes!

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I'm a true independent (now). I've regretted every vote I ever took except one (figure out which).

I voted for Obama twice. The first time with great emotion, the second in dread that Romney might win.

I voted for Bernie in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. I voted affirmatively for "none of the above" in 2016 but I couldn't sleep, that election night into morning, until I knew fer shure that Hillary lost. Slept in overwhelming relief.

Stayed home in 2020. Despised both candidates equally.

Had "liberal" not become an absolutely perverted and polluted term, I might perhaps be described as one. I'm not a libertarian. I've never registered for a party even though I never voted for a Republican (except once for a NYS State Senator and I regretted that too).

I can never vote for a candidate who doesn't support a woman's right to liberty. As distasteful, even repugnant as abortion may be, it's a necessary evil; outlawing it is a greater one. I support an unrestricted right to abortion until the point of viability (which must, of course, be determined legislatively), though I don't believe the state has any *right* to assert jurisdiction over a woman's pregnancy. It's to salve ourselves that we declare a right to custody over a woman's unborn child. But society always makes compromises and so long as exceptions for health and safety of the mother, and conditions incompatible with life for the fetus (and by the way I despise that word) are included, I make my peace with it.

I plan on never voting again for a Democrat as long as I live. The Democrats are now a party of insane people equally revolting to me as the GOP.

Can you create a conservative party that recognizes liberty and bodily autonomy apply to everyone who's attained legal personhood at birth? That abortion is a dreadful but necessary right pertaining to the unique biological capacities of women? A party that actually believes in the foundational values of a secular civil society?

Surprise me. I'm always up for unexpected good news.

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